Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Fun

Mom and dad were away for a few days last week for a very important function. Unfortunately, I couldn't go with them cuz the place DIDN'T ALLOW pets..  Boo .. Boo.. Boo... (honestly, didn't make much sense to me cuz mom was telling me about the animals that live at the island..I could have made some new friends, ya know?)

Anyway, they decided to make it up to my by buying me lots of toys today ... i love it when the spoil me rotten ..

Woow... what are those round shiny things in the sky ?? 

 Oh no.. it's touching my face !!!

Can I eat them? Are they yummy?? 

This is so coool !! So so so so many bubbles in my face .. It feels kinda nice when it pops when they land on my whiskers .. 

*Muakz* .. I love you bubble..

Am I imagining stuff or are those really double helix? 

Ah Hah !! Finally finally Gotcha !! They are so yummmy.. believe it or not, they actually taste like peanut butter.. 

German just watched on whilst we insanely jumped around and solving the bubble puzzles in the air... 

It's impossible for me to lie if i said I didn't have fun.. My silly face tells it all !! 

Just one last note for my folks " Well worth money spent and hence you are all forgiven for leaving with the nanny for the last few days.. "

Woof.. Woof.. Woof..  


Maggie Mae said...

Hi Zelle nice to meet you!
It looks like you had fun while your mom and dad were away. I luvs bubbles too but I have never had ones that taste like peanut butter, yum! I luvs your silly face too. Come visit me sometime.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae (your new friend)

yvonne lee said...

coooool!!! zelle, you even looked dreamy in some of the pics~

and german is his usual cool self... haha...

kisses to your parents~

erm, pats,

Anonymous said...

Dear Zelle,

Your pictures are adorable! =)

Li Lian

Anonymous said...

Wei Lynn: How I wish my dog would be enjoying instead of running away from bubbles ;0