Monday, August 30, 2010

The bumps

Calling all boxer furiends and all other furiends that has the answer to my problem.. So, I've been getting these bumps on head for awhile now.. I think it's been a month or two now and it's starting to worry mom...

It's nothing very new since I've been getting them since I was 2. They usually start from the body first and then a little on a head and will only stay around for a week. Mom reckons it's almost seasonal. They usually appear once every 4 months...

But now she is getting a little worried as the bumps doesn't look like it's going anywhere and if anything, the number is just multiplying.

So guys, if you know what it is or experienced or experiencing the same thing, we would love love love love love love to hear from you..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

happy Sunday

A little belly/chest scratching ..

and some animal planet is just the best way to spend the weekend away.. clearly the shark on animal planet was not scaring me at all.. Hey mom, can you pass us some snacks and beer..

Happy weekend everyone !! 

Friday, August 27, 2010

My contribution ...

So, they say everyone in the family should contribute and bring something back to the table.  Dad of course is the breadwinner of the family.. He brings the biggest bacon home.. Mom brings home a smaller portion.. And so the following question is what do I bring home? 

I do contribute  mom, EVEEEERY DAAAAY... And so you know, not everyone can give that much and it's a tough job too...

My priceless golden needles ! 

My daily pile of contribution to the family.. Am i great or what? I wonder if Maggie Mae contributes as much to her family? 

Monday, August 23, 2010

She is back !

Not sure if it is good news or bad news ..But,  I would like to think it is good news.... My mom is back !! She quit that crappy job that robbed my quality time with her...  

finally the family get to spend some really quality time together after a 1 long dreadful month..

I will make sure I make her work for me as much as possible until her next job arrives which is not too far away .. 


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another award...

Yay !! I've recently been bestowed with this award by my best boxer girl friend Maggie Mae.. Thanks Maggie Mae.. You are always the sweetest ! 

So the rules of the game is that you have to do a kiss and tell of yourself that your friends might or might not know about me.. And then I will have to pass this award to 15 of your wonderful furiends.. 

Here we go..the 7 or 8 things that you might or might not know about me..

1. I've only recently moved to Singapore cuz my dad took up a job offer here. Prior to moving in with my parents, I had to go through one month of quarantine at the SAQ to make sure I'm clear from all diseases.. 

2. The weekend before mommy and I moved to Singapore, I lost my beloved sister - Baby Raisy. She left at the tender age of 14!! We believe she is watching down on us even until today.. Even so, I still misses her everyday.. 

3. I think I have also recently lost my brother German to old age too... The last time we spoke to granny back home(last week), she told us that it is probably time for German to cross the Rainbow bridge as he is in more pain than usual.. And the maggot attack was just getting outta control.. :( 

4. I like my new home as it is definitely a more pet friendly country. I get my daily walks and the best part is I get to go pretty much everywhere in Singapore as long as I'm on the leash. 

5. I'm still a puppy at heart eventhough I am almost 4 .. They say I will continue to act like a 3 year old kid until the day i cross the bridge.. I believe the world for it is Peter Pan for the Dog world.. 

6. I love all the furiends I've met on the cyber world and I can't wait to meet more of you guys out there.. 

7. daddy says I impersonate other animals.. A seal? A bat? A monster?  A hamster? I say, he is outta his mind !! 

8. I get beaten up by CATS !! 

The last time I received this award, I couldn't give to 15 of my wonderful friends cuz I didn't have as many friends.. So right now, I would like to give this special award to all my 32 furiends that has been following my post. You guys have been absolutely amazing.. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hear no evil...

La.. la.. la.. la I hear no evil but I can still see you....  

Mom is disrupting my peaceful Sunday morning with daddy.. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zelle VS Yappy

Every morning on the way back home, I'm always greeted by a few friends that lives behind the gate.

Watch the little guy do the spin.. I wonder if he get sick after the entire move... 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Answer, anyone?

Since mom started work, my folks have been worried that I will be bored to death.. So they a toy that will mentally and physically challenge me.... And they got me this !! 

Extreme Classic Kong !! 

I spent 1 day 10 hours and 46 minutes trying to crack the code and I am about to give up.. Does anyone has the password or secret to getting the treat out... I promise I will share them with you later ...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

you know you are ....

I know, I know I've been missing for the longest time.. My secretary has wondered off to a new job recently hence the slow update.. Although she hardly has time for me since she started work, I have to say, I am very happy that she finally got back into the working scene again.. Might not be the dream job she is after, but at least there is something to keep her feet on the ground.. ( She was going insane staying at home the last 1 and a half months)

Have you ever wonder how much we resemble our parents.. or the habits we take after them?? It's really interesting to think about it..

I've always been known to be a timid dog.. my dad blames it on the up bringing.. As a puppy, mom would demonstrate how to freak out whenever there is a lizard nearby, and be far away whenever something foreign is in my way or heading my way..

So anyway, we were out the other day and my hooman caught me freaking out at my own shadow!! Dad had a great laugh and strongly believed that I got that weird habit from mom as she freaks out at the tiniest things.. and not hard to guess at all, she gets all jumpy at her own shadows too.. 

And of course, 
our common interest ..Sleep !