Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The New Residents..

We noticed a continuos droppings on one of the spots at the car porch.. For a second, mom thought it was probably from our generous lizard residents that are occupying our ceiling lights... But as we took a closer look, it didn't look like a any of those normal droppings from the old residents. It was strangely too big for such tiny guys..Besides, the amount was more than usual.. Unless, there is a gecko around .. See, Geckos are uncommon in the city..they are usually seen roaming on rural areas or at the island.

As predicted, mom freaked out the moment the Gecko came into mind.. Just in case some of you are not aware, mom has lizard/ gecko phobia..

And as usual, dad has to come to the rescue whenever he hears mom screaming like  mad woman.. So daddy, went on an investigation spree..

It turned out it we have some new hot chickadees moved into the block ....

They are the Zebra Doves @ Barred Ground Doves.. Funny to watched dad climbed like a monkey just to have pics of them..  

As dad moved around to take more pics of these chics at different angle, it turned out that there were more than 2 of them.. There's this another little fella hiding behind the other chick. 

Look how proud the mom is.. It's amazing to see how comfortable she is with the camera snapping away at them.. 

We can't quite figure out the age of the  fledgling, but just judging from the size, they should be taking their first flight very soon.. Safe flight my little ones .. 

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