Thursday, May 27, 2010

New grass ..Is it really greener on the other side?

Hi Guys !

So I  finally made it into the new land known as Singapore.. Mom was freaking out when we crossed the border. She was so worried that, for some funny reason, the immigration officer was gonna tell her that I can't pass.

Anyway, I am glad to announce that everything went smoothly according to plan and there was no hiccups at all.. which mom has to solute the government for having such efficient system. We did our clearance in less than an hour ! *4 thumbs up*

It was tough watching mommy and the rest of the family (grannies, Uncle CK) leave at the end of the clearance as they were no longer allow to follow from that point before I was sent to the quarantine station at Sembawang. But it's ok cuz mommy came very soon after to visit me at the centre.

*sniff* sniff*sniff*Let's see if the grass is any different from the one back home?


Oh.. someone is on the other side of the fence.. By the way, they have individual play pens around the centre so each of us can have our little outlet to play..


*knock knock.. who's there?? *


Hello there! I'm Moiselle.. Nice to meet you .. hope to see ya around more often.. Will hang out again later.. 

All in all, the place is very clean and nice.. and mommy is very please with the condition of the centre..and good news is, I am slowly settling in..  

The people that looks after the place here are very nice as they will take us out from our private rooms for a quick walk everyday.. So that is another relief for mommy as she was worried that I will be in the room the entire time when she is not allowed to visit.. (it's a PH tomorrow so I won't get to see mom until  Saturday and I just can't wait til then)

PeeS: Mommy made some really nice dinner for me today but I didn't have the appetite.. Hopefully my big appetite will kick in again really soon.  


Priscilla said...

Glad that you landed safely in Singapore. It's a very nice country though. It's also a relief to know that the centre is clean and good and the people are kind. We're neighbours now. We live in Malaysia!

Lola said...

I'm glad they do quarantine well, but I hope it goes super fast and you can rejoin the family before you know it.

wags, Lola

hero said...

Glad to hear quarantine is not as bad as it sounds, Zelle... but hope it will be over soon and it's one family again. Take care for now.

Licks, hero

Twix said...

That grass looks pretty green to me. I hope you will be able to be with your family soon.