Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The big big move ..

Dad has been posted to Singapore for his new job. And it's happening in the next 2 months or so !! Needless to say, they have been frantically looking for a place in that crazy concrete jungle city and at the same time, busy gathering all the information to get me over.. The more they talk about my move to the new city, the more surprises they are getting. I'm pretty sure at some point(more like the entire time since day one), mom freaked out when she learned that I will need to be in quarantine for a month.. Someone even told her that I will be LOCKED in the little box for the entire month unless she pays for special services to walk and groom me... You can pretty much figure how horrified she was after hearing that.. 

See, mom made a huge mistake by over pampering me.. CAGED, CHAINED, LOCKED, QUARANTINE, PUNISH was never  in my dictionary.. Every time when the cleaners were over, my grandma will spoil me by putting me in the car for however long the cleaners were gonna be there.. She will have the music on for me and the AC running.. Since I enjoy jumping into the car so much, it didn't bother me how long I was gonna be in there.. as long as they didn't tie me up to a chair.. 

So, long story short, mom can't bare the thought of me being lock away somewhere without them by myself. Honestly, Im not sure if I can be away from them for that long too.. :( Truth is, I need to sleep with mommy and daddy .. and I am not used to hard surface.. but if you ask my honest honest puppy opinion, it is mom that can't sleep without me.. keke ..

So after all those horrifying story of me being locked up and no exercise, mom decided to clear her mind by going to her cyber god to get some answer - Google ... 

Mom stumbled on this site which gave amazing insight to the Sembawang Quarantine Centre.. What a relief to see pictures of the centre and most of all the condition of the centre.. It's like a 5 star pet hotel !! On top of it all, was the fact that they have a 15 mins walking session for the owners-pets .. Cloudy days are over!! she doesnt have to worry that I will be trap in the little box for the longest hours.. Next question is, can I stay in there for that super long and still remain sane?? 

"Oh God, my almighty god, I know I have not been the sweetest puppy, but I pray that you will keep me strong and positive to get through the 1 month in Sembawang.. I promise I will behave when Im done with the quarantine session.. please please please .. " 

Neway, thought I will share with you some of the pictures of the Quarantine centre..

                                              Sembawang Quarantine Centre

where we will be doing our 15 mins walk.. 

I would like to think those are the private rooms to our individual pad..

Or the smaller enclosure for the smaller dogs ..

p.s: I kicked Baby Raisy off the bed earlier on.. Dear god.. Please forgive me.. i've been such a naughty puppy ... 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Over the bridge...

Mommy said the angels came and took Elmo with him last Friday... She is not really sure what really happened but only know that Elmo's grandmother accidentally drove over him when she was trying to reverse out from the house. Our deepest condolences to Elmo's family.. We will miss you dearly...


Sunday, March 14, 2010

The loonnng Sunday Outing - Part 1

Mom and dad decided to catch up with an old friend and BF.. So we all headed to this really really nice place called Tom Dick and Harry's ... literally all tom dick and harry can be there!! One of the cooler hang out place (only cooler cuz I still think the beach is the best) .. Im sure I will be visiting more often since they allow us to hang out on the cushions and it's not too far from home. Mom's friend also brought her furkid, so we gotta play a little... He's such a cute little fella.. 




Meet Elmo the 5 months old Pug.. He's my first play mate for the day..His mommy said this afternoon was his first time out in the public.. So he's really excited when we met.. 

Elmo was extremely shy at the start.. He was running away every time I went near.. But after a few rounds, he warmed up.. 

Elmo decided to ditch me when the food came.. Yum.. Yum.. 

 Elmo.. You gotta wait for your serve.. Some table manners please.. 

Oh dear... more food on the table.. Can I have some too ???

Elmo's just busy eating..Im getting bored.. Is anyone else coming to play? 

 Zen came not long after.. He is a 2 yr old Schnauzer.. We are not too sure if he is a mini or a giant as he is neither here or there.. 

Elmo couldn't join the play cuz he is a little too small.. So he can only watch from the top for the time being.. 

With all the playing, I still managed to get a quick pose with Ms. F....

Oh boy.. getting all tired with all the playing.. Boo... don't think we can head home after this.. mom says we still have to go over to the pet shopping mall to get my carrier .. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My first taste of Penang Rojak

Frankly, the eerie, gooie looking black thing doesnt, at a tiny bit appeals to be yummy at all.. Everything in the bowl is just black! But mommy was just chewing and chomping away.. and that got me really curiooouss..

 I was told that, Rojak is made with all sorts of fruits ; pineapple, jambu (rose apple), cucumber, jimica, sometimes guava, mango and whatever the people feel like adding in.. Fruits are cut into small pieces and then mixed with this special black sauce called Schrimp paste.. which is where the secret lies..

You can find rojaks pretty much every where in Malaysia, but they vary from one place to another.. My mom is very fussy with her food, so we only had the 3 different types of fruits.. and this crazy addictive cracker..

What's that black crunchy thingy mommy is eating? Smells yummy .. Can I have some?                            
Waiting for mom to choose one that has less sauce on it..

*Sniff* Sniff* smells nice...

Testing time !! It's so yummy.. Let me see if I can describe the taste to you properly. Well, Mommy only gave me the same kinda fruit which is known as the Jimaca (Jamaica!!haha.. that's where daddy is from.. hahaha).. which is more commonly known as Sengkuang in the local scene.. So just based on that, I have to say, it is sweet and cruchy and watery cuz the fruit is sweet and cruchy and watery and at the same time savoury with a tint of chili's so so so yummy.. 

Inspector Raisy smells something yummy lingering in the air.. so she came looking for the source..

Source identified ... it's rojak!! I want some too !! *ruff* *ruff* .. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marley's little trap

So our dads decided to play a game.. They told us it was a digging game.. See who could dig the deepest. 

ok.. doesnt quite appeal to me but Marley boy aka "Ham Sap Fish" was convinced by his daddy that it will be fun..  And so it started..

Dad and the rest of them were getting tired from all the digging.. so i thought i will give them a hand whilst they catch a breather or two. 


Me being the usual cheeky Boxer, I decided to get Marley to check out the depth of the hole.. ngek ngek ngek.. 

And the 2 dads decided to bury Marley whilst he was checking out "the piece of work" .. Huh !! Just when you think your dad can be trusted.. Better think twice now.. 

Marley : Oh no !! I cant move.. Get me outta here !! 

After the little fun with Marley, daddy and I decided to chill out and enjoy the sea breeze.. and don't you all worry, Marley was not harm at all during the "game".. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Daily Chase...

My personal esplanade .. where I usually hang out with German on a daily basis in the evening.. once in while we get strangers visiting.. and thats when the fun begins.. It's also a red alert zone where German strategically scatters his "bombs" around the garden .. 


The regular habitue that comes almost on a daily basis to keep me busy and entertained. 

And the waiting game begins...scanning.. scanning.. On the tree?  Behind the pots?On the rocks?  

Ooo..oo.. Oo.. something just move! Can you see it? Can you see it? 


Target on the move and the chase begins ... 


Hey German .. did you see where it went? It just disappeared into the bush ... we can't let that bushy rodent escape again.    

Home Run and I win again !! Hahaha... and the chase continues another day... let's try something new the next time I come visit again.

My Family

So I am not the only child in the family. At least not now.. Not sure what will happen in the future. Mom thought it will be cool if I keep a dairy or journal of my life - people I meet, places I go, things I do and things others do. Basically, anything and everything, if you get what i mean.

 Neway, let me introduce my siblings to you..

                   This is Raisy aka Baby aka B.. the biggest boss in the family..Looks innocent huh?? Word of advise.. Dont be bamboozled by those big round angelic eyes.. She is the reason why the last 3 maids left...hahaha

   She is the eldest amongst the 3 of us.She recently turned 13 but still acts like a 3 y.o puppy. Good for me cuz she is not too old to put up with my silly games..

This is my wacko German brother who thinks he can drive... He is the big guy that keeps the home safe. He has the loudest bark in the neighbourhood. Honestly,we have no idea how old is he .. See, when my grand parents got him, the breeder accidentally (or so they claimed) gave the wrong birth cert to us. So we really have no idea how old is he... Regardless, he is the playmate of mine... I love to pretend that he is a big rabbit... and I will chase him around the house. ehehe

So there you go.. A brief summary on my family.