Sunday, October 24, 2010

The new moon

The weather over the last few days have been nothing but crazy.. We are glad to report the haze is finally gone and mom was amazed by the amazing sight of the scene tonight .. We can't put our finger / paws to the description of it.. So we will leave it to your judgement..

  The new moon is out.. Wonder if any werewolves will be howling to it tonight?
We are amazed how the picture turned out.. 

And as the cloud moves out, we finally got a clear sight of the bright yellow moon..  We hope to see more of this for the next few nights.. 

Wishing everyone a good Sunday night!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movie Date

Have any of you seen this?? 

And Benny has been all hush hush about it all those time even til now.. how was it like acting with the Iron Man baby?? He is one of mommy'S favourite actor.. 

Is anyone interested in a movie date to catch our little star in November ?? 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

She wants what??

"Its so cute... Its so cute.. Its so cute.. scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch" is all I hear since the crazy woman flipped the page of her magazine.. 

I just wanna tell mom" stop dreaming.. those are cats..Big,Big Cats!! and I'm never gonna morph into a cat for you"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Easy breezy Sunday

It's almost noon but it feels like 7 am today.. So mom and I decided to check out the leash free park at the East Coast Park .. We were told that every Sunday, the hoomans will take their 4 legged friends to the park and let them run free!! Just in case you guys are not aware, Singapore is a country where all 4 legged friends (dogs) must be on leash at all times.. Otherwise, a big ticket will be heading your way..

Where is everyone?? Booo.. Let's continue our walk mom ....

And not long after that.. 

Meet  Casper the friendly Samoyed !! 

And the free spirited Nike Husky !! 

They are both from the Canada !! Turned out that they don't live very far from us.. In fact, I've met them once by the river that mom and I walk most the nights. 

As we were chatting, or rather the human were chatting, mom found out that the fats that protects the doggies during the winter time, also protects them from the heat in a hot country like this. Apparently, since we dogs do not have sweat gland, the fats help to regulate our body temperature.  
As we were heading home, the fishes came over to asked if they could follow us home too... ( Yeah, right!! How i wish ..) 

Happy Sunday everyone !

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pommy Alien

A kiddo with some real schizophrenia ..Or at least that is what he claims to be.. He always think there is an alien that is out to get him.. Everytime when I walk pass his shop he will come running really close and say "psst..psst.. did you see that green fella??"

where is she?? On the right? 
On the left?? 

Well Kiddo, don't think i don't know what you are up to whenever you come sniffing at my butt and trying to stand up behind me...