Monday, November 29, 2010

Piggy nosey ..

I've been trying to master this for the longest time.. Balancing the biscuit on my nose. And clearly I have only progress this much. :)  
And now I get called Ms. Piglet !! How Humiliating.. 

Anyone has any advice how to get this right? 


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nice ...

We found this picture online.. And we thought we will share... Can you guess who is that lucky lady who is having some board game moment with that handsome 4 legged boy??

Yes.. you guessed it !! It's no other than the sexy Madonna ..

PeeS : you can surely tell who is the smarter one just from the picture..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Help needed

Help is needed urgently at the K9- Katastrophe home right now !! As some of you might already know.. They (Ruthie's hooman) recently saved 4 stray puppies from the street.. And these puppies need some medical attention.. For those that doesn't know about it... 

She is running a little fund raising activity to raise some green papers for the puppies medical bills and possibly food too. So, please swing by her site to share some of your support and if your bank accounts permit, please send some green papers over.. Even the smallest amount will make a difference for these cute little puppies.. 

Janice, we just want to say thank you for going the extra mile for these puppies..We surely need more people like you to save these unfortunate puppies and give them a second chance in life.. Keep it up! 

Zelle and Mom 

Long weekend..

Hi dearest fur friends!! 

Sorry for not posting for the longest time. Again, I have only my secretary a.k.a my mom to blame as she has been extremely busy at work. As much as I would like to put the blame on her, it's really not her wish to come home late every night and working on public holidays..So you are forgiven mommy.. 

Since I am a very considerate daughter, I won't ask for much this week until you are less busy..

Dozing off in the comfort of my mom's embrace.. 

Until she started to do this !! Playing with my ear...

Fineeeee.. Do whatever you want as long as I get to lie on you... 

Good news is, I don't have to spend Monday alone cuz daddy decided to stay home with me..