Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The New Residents..

We noticed a continuos droppings on one of the spots at the car porch.. For a second, mom thought it was probably from our generous lizard residents that are occupying our ceiling lights... But as we took a closer look, it didn't look like a any of those normal droppings from the old residents. It was strangely too big for such tiny guys..Besides, the amount was more than usual.. Unless, there is a gecko around .. See, Geckos are uncommon in the city..they are usually seen roaming on rural areas or at the island.

As predicted, mom freaked out the moment the Gecko came into mind.. Just in case some of you are not aware, mom has lizard/ gecko phobia..

And as usual, dad has to come to the rescue whenever he hears mom screaming like  mad woman.. So daddy, went on an investigation spree..

It turned out it we have some new hot chickadees moved into the block ....

They are the Zebra Doves @ Barred Ground Doves.. Funny to watched dad climbed like a monkey just to have pics of them..  

As dad moved around to take more pics of these chics at different angle, it turned out that there were more than 2 of them.. There's this another little fella hiding behind the other chick. 

Look how proud the mom is.. It's amazing to see how comfortable she is with the camera snapping away at them.. 

We can't quite figure out the age of the  fledgling, but just judging from the size, they should be taking their first flight very soon.. Safe flight my little ones .. 

Where is Justice ..

This is what I would like to term UNFAIR!! Where is justice when I need it most? I was punished with the cone cuz   I perpetually chew my just killed one of my many enjoyments in life.. And who said e-collars are for sick puppies only?  UNFAIR !! UNFAIR !! UNFAIR !! So as pay back Im gonna sulk and give them the most intolerable sad puppy face.. Take that ! 

Curly Fuzzy...

This long and black peculiar looking thing was crawling my way.. 

I somehow just cant figure out what it is ..   it didn't fear me at all even when I am in my gigantic size and towering over it. (BTW, those blue spots are not mine ...)

Drool.. drool... drool... it surely looks like dessert to me..

Just right before I was about to indulge in this cute little fella, mommy came to the rescue.!She said its not a dessert... It's called a caterpillar which will eventually morph into a beautiful butterfly or an ugly moth.. (haha.. anyone any idea which one will it be?) Mom and I tried to look it up on google.. but so far no luck..  

Just look how fuzzy it is?? Wonder if it is spinning tread.. Can you guys see that white strand of thread.. or may be it's just one of German's hair laying around .. 


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Time is ticking..

One of the pre- req to enter Singapore is to be microchipped..

Exactly one week ago, mom and dad brought me to the vet with the intention to "UPGRADE" me .. Before we left home, dad keeps telling me that I was gonna transform into some kinda robot after the doctor..

So on the way to the vet, tonnes and tonnes of questions running on my mind ..

  • What are they gonna do to me?
  • Is it gonna hurt?
  • Which part of my body are they gonna torture? 
  • What does it do?
  • How long do I have to stay at that dreadful place? (who likes to go to the docs?? Right??) 
  • Does it make me smarter? That explains why I passed my paper training session in a day and hand shakes in a day too 
  • Does it make me more obedient than I already am? 
  • Does it make me prettier? 
  • Does it make me healtier? 
  • Does it give me bionic eyes? 
  • Does it give me bionic ears? 
  • Or does it do the opposite of everything that I just thought of? 

So when I finally got the Dr. Vet, and was placed on the icy cold freezing table, Dr. Vet certified that I already have a chip since puppy days!  ( and just when I thought I was gonna immediately drop dead on the table..hehe)

Phew.. Close call.... neway, in the end I only ended up with a Rabies vaccination which is also one of the pre-req needed to enter that concrete city.. Which was ok.. cuz it didnt hurt that much..

So now, we are just waiting for the following month for another round of "fun".. Before I am off ..

The loonnng Sunday Outing - Part 2

Next on the itinerary .. Shopping at Pet Safari !! Yay !! Yay!! I love shopping.. Who doesn't right???

                                             Shopping list  :  Harness
                                                                       Cargo Carrier

First purchase !! Dad bought me a new harness so I can walk better... You see, I'm not very good with the collar cuz I tend to pull all the time.. So they figured it's better if they got me a least i wont be choking myself.. 


As I was trying on my collar,this cute little pug dressed in an army costume came along.. The cool part about the costume is that it works as a harness too !! 


Check out the outfit .. Isn't it cool.. Wonder if mom would get me one too..But I'm certain dad is not gonna be too happy with such outfit.. He's pretty outta his mind when he had no choice but to get me a PINK harness.. 


Whilst I was busy checking out late Elmo's buddy, he was busy trying out new beds in the store..             " Which one should I get..   The wooly one or the cottony one.." 


Another puppy came along to join the fun.. We couldn't figure out if he was a cocker or a Goldie.. And the best part was when ... 


OBY.. the other Boxer showed up ( how cool is that ! We don't usually many Boxers around. I was told by the Dr. Vet that we are very rare here).. She wasn't too keen to play as she just spent a rough night at the boarding home. However, my mom had a fantastic chat with Oby's mom as she gave lots of useful tips on relocating me to Singapore.. 

                           .......... And I pretty much passed out in the car after the long eventful day !!

p.s: Oh ! I forgot to mentioned that I got my caaaaargo carrier too ... :)