Monday, November 14, 2011

Manic Monday

Bad Monday blues?? This is how you turn it around..

 Look, sniff and EAT !!! Hopefully Tuesday will turn out to a better day..

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Japan = intrigue = kawai-i = cuties

I am not sure about your folks but one thing I am sure of is that my folks have a Japanese fetish.. Particularly the alpha male in the family... 

His dream to visit Japan one day finally came few weeks ago...and again, we were left back to "guard the house" like how he likes to describe it whenever we are not allow to follow.. 

And his excuse for not having us tag along is " It's a business trip".. so - bye ! 

So several days later, he returned with all these exciting pictures which he took on "his way to work" 

The super cool dragon winter coat as displayed on the immobile dog on the floor and the other on the table... Unfortunately dad didn't get it for me cuz we have no winter here for me to dress up to.. 

So a BIG BOO BOO to Singapore now !!! 

And then this! We all have to agree that this Frenchie is just too cute and totally fit into the Japanese culture of Kawai-i! 

And then the food 

Wasabi Kit Kat?? Err.. I guess it's yummy but a little weird... 

And then this cute eggie thingy... Which mom still has yet to share it with me cuz she is hoping and praying that if she leaves it in the box long enough it will multiply.. So I will report back again once I know how it taste.. 

Unfortunately, we will have to report back again once we have more pictures on the Japan trip since daddy is slowly feeding us with the beautiful pictures.. 

So hang in there for more pictures ! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

This is how we rock ...

Question, does your dad leave you guys at home and hoping that we will die when he is not around to hang out with us... 

Now the thing is dad.. whilst you were out and about.. it is kinda true that we were dying of depression and just to prove it, this is how we killed ourselves... 

1.2 Kg Sri Lankan Chili Crab.... 

Fried Golden Salted Egg Calamari..

Salted fish fried rice 

Just check out the depressing size of the claw.. 

and just to prove how upset I was.. I couldn't eattt..... (I can't begin to describe how super deliciious it is) 

p.s: don't worry dad.. as much as we would love to have everything to ourselves, we saved some of them for you when you return and we surely MISS ya!