Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What animal are you?

Sometimes I think my mom is crazy .. You will know why once you finish reading this post.. and do let me know if you share the same thought as me.. 

Im pretty used to them calling me funny names such as Monkey, Hippo, cone dog and stuff.. but I think it's totally unacceptable when she reckons I look like other animals... at the end of the day i am a DOG .. does she even know how a DOG is supposed to look like?

My Seal look.. Do you see any resemblance? 

and apparently my fruit bat look ...

Mommy reckons I look like a mouse too when both my ears are folded behind.. thankfully she couldn't find any of the pics of me with my ears folded... How embarrassing..
So what do you guys think??? You reckon my mom is a wacko for having crazy imaginations like these?   Does your hoomans think you have a different animal in you too? Do share with me as I woullld love to know toooo and I won't feel so left out by having some crazy mother.. 


Maggie Mae said...

Oh Zelle,

I luvs all those looks on you, but you are much more beautiful than a seal, mouse or fruit bat!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS My mom thinks I am a piggy wiggy cuz I makes lots of noises when I eats. :)

Breakfast With the Bennetts said...

Oh Zelle how happy we are to meet you. We are sorry we have not updated our blog in a while. Mom is going to try and have some good posts made up this weekend. I hope you are doing well.

p.s. I get called piglet, walrus, and turtle all the time so it is not just your humans.

Anonymous said...

WeiLynn: woohoohooo.....i called mine little pig, fatty or bitch all the time, hahahah

Anonymous said...

dad and mom thinks i'm a bat

Elmo KK II