Saturday, March 13, 2010

My first taste of Penang Rojak

Frankly, the eerie, gooie looking black thing doesnt, at a tiny bit appeals to be yummy at all.. Everything in the bowl is just black! But mommy was just chewing and chomping away.. and that got me really curiooouss..

 I was told that, Rojak is made with all sorts of fruits ; pineapple, jambu (rose apple), cucumber, jimica, sometimes guava, mango and whatever the people feel like adding in.. Fruits are cut into small pieces and then mixed with this special black sauce called Schrimp paste.. which is where the secret lies..

You can find rojaks pretty much every where in Malaysia, but they vary from one place to another.. My mom is very fussy with her food, so we only had the 3 different types of fruits.. and this crazy addictive cracker..

What's that black crunchy thingy mommy is eating? Smells yummy .. Can I have some?                            
Waiting for mom to choose one that has less sauce on it..

*Sniff* Sniff* smells nice...

Testing time !! It's so yummy.. Let me see if I can describe the taste to you properly. Well, Mommy only gave me the same kinda fruit which is known as the Jimaca (Jamaica!!haha.. that's where daddy is from.. hahaha).. which is more commonly known as Sengkuang in the local scene.. So just based on that, I have to say, it is sweet and cruchy and watery cuz the fruit is sweet and cruchy and watery and at the same time savoury with a tint of chili's so so so yummy.. 

Inspector Raisy smells something yummy lingering in the air.. so she came looking for the source..

Source identified ... it's rojak!! I want some too !! *ruff* *ruff* .. 


yvonne lee said...

yummy and healthy!! must be your mom's healthy initiative!

Anonymous said...

Hello Moiselle such a pretty name you have! ^^

I'm Zowie & Lucky's human =D. Just popping by since I promised your mommy I'd be adding into your followers' list hehe..

PS: Oh =x i thought 'sengkuang' are turnips no??