Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Daily Chase...

My personal esplanade .. where I usually hang out with German on a daily basis in the evening.. once in while we get strangers visiting.. and thats when the fun begins.. It's also a red alert zone where German strategically scatters his "bombs" around the garden .. 


The regular habitue that comes almost on a daily basis to keep me busy and entertained. 

And the waiting game begins...scanning.. scanning.. On the tree?  Behind the pots?On the rocks?  

Ooo..oo.. Oo.. something just move! Can you see it? Can you see it? 


Target on the move and the chase begins ... 


Hey German .. did you see where it went? It just disappeared into the bush ... we can't let that bushy rodent escape again.    

Home Run and I win again !! Hahaha... and the chase continues another day... let's try something new the next time I come visit again.


hero said...

Hey Moiselle,

It's been many moons since we met... glad you trained the hoomans well to start a blog of your own. Nice work. Perhaps one day, we can go tree rats hunting together, ya!

Licks, hero

MadameMoiselle said...

HI Hero

My mom's very inspired by your little adventures.. so she decided I should have one too.. so we can share our stories..
You found any new spots to hang out yet? Tree rat hunting is fun !! Let's do it one day..