Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The big big move ..

Dad has been posted to Singapore for his new job. And it's happening in the next 2 months or so !! Needless to say, they have been frantically looking for a place in that crazy concrete jungle city and at the same time, busy gathering all the information to get me over.. The more they talk about my move to the new city, the more surprises they are getting. I'm pretty sure at some point(more like the entire time since day one), mom freaked out when she learned that I will need to be in quarantine for a month.. Someone even told her that I will be LOCKED in the little box for the entire month unless she pays for special services to walk and groom me... You can pretty much figure how horrified she was after hearing that.. 

See, mom made a huge mistake by over pampering me.. CAGED, CHAINED, LOCKED, QUARANTINE, PUNISH was never  in my dictionary.. Every time when the cleaners were over, my grandma will spoil me by putting me in the car for however long the cleaners were gonna be there.. She will have the music on for me and the AC running.. Since I enjoy jumping into the car so much, it didn't bother me how long I was gonna be in there.. as long as they didn't tie me up to a chair.. 

So, long story short, mom can't bare the thought of me being lock away somewhere without them by myself. Honestly, Im not sure if I can be away from them for that long too.. :( Truth is, I need to sleep with mommy and daddy .. and I am not used to hard surface.. but if you ask my honest honest puppy opinion, it is mom that can't sleep without me.. keke ..

So after all those horrifying story of me being locked up and no exercise, mom decided to clear her mind by going to her cyber god to get some answer - Google ... 

Mom stumbled on this site which gave amazing insight to the Sembawang Quarantine Centre.. What a relief to see pictures of the centre and most of all the condition of the centre.. It's like a 5 star pet hotel !! On top of it all, was the fact that they have a 15 mins walking session for the owners-pets .. Cloudy days are over!! she doesnt have to worry that I will be trap in the little box for the longest hours.. Next question is, can I stay in there for that super long and still remain sane?? 

"Oh God, my almighty god, I know I have not been the sweetest puppy, but I pray that you will keep me strong and positive to get through the 1 month in Sembawang.. I promise I will behave when Im done with the quarantine session.. please please please .. " 

Neway, thought I will share with you some of the pictures of the Quarantine centre..

                                              Sembawang Quarantine Centre

where we will be doing our 15 mins walk.. 

I would like to think those are the private rooms to our individual pad..

Or the smaller enclosure for the smaller dogs ..

p.s: I kicked Baby Raisy off the bed earlier on.. Dear god.. Please forgive me.. i've been such a naughty puppy ... 


Elmo KK II said...

you will be juuussttt fine Moiselle..Elmo I will keep you company at night..hehe

wei lynn said...

Zelle zelle

I will miss you.....see ya in Singapore soon ..

Wei Lynn