Sunday, March 14, 2010

The loonnng Sunday Outing - Part 1

Mom and dad decided to catch up with an old friend and BF.. So we all headed to this really really nice place called Tom Dick and Harry's ... literally all tom dick and harry can be there!! One of the cooler hang out place (only cooler cuz I still think the beach is the best) .. Im sure I will be visiting more often since they allow us to hang out on the cushions and it's not too far from home. Mom's friend also brought her furkid, so we gotta play a little... He's such a cute little fella.. 




Meet Elmo the 5 months old Pug.. He's my first play mate for the day..His mommy said this afternoon was his first time out in the public.. So he's really excited when we met.. 

Elmo was extremely shy at the start.. He was running away every time I went near.. But after a few rounds, he warmed up.. 

Elmo decided to ditch me when the food came.. Yum.. Yum.. 

 Elmo.. You gotta wait for your serve.. Some table manners please.. 

Oh dear... more food on the table.. Can I have some too ???

Elmo's just busy eating..Im getting bored.. Is anyone else coming to play? 

 Zen came not long after.. He is a 2 yr old Schnauzer.. We are not too sure if he is a mini or a giant as he is neither here or there.. 

Elmo couldn't join the play cuz he is a little too small.. So he can only watch from the top for the time being.. 

With all the playing, I still managed to get a quick pose with Ms. F....

Oh boy.. getting all tired with all the playing.. Boo... don't think we can head home after this.. mom says we still have to go over to the pet shopping mall to get my carrier .. 


hero said...

Hope you enjoy the pub outing, Moiselle.... did you get any booze during happy hours?

Licks, hero

MadameMoiselle said...

Hi Hero..

Yes !!! We got some nice Guiness...Yum.. yum.. yum...

Licks, Moiselle