Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marley's little trap

So our dads decided to play a game.. They told us it was a digging game.. See who could dig the deepest. 

ok.. doesnt quite appeal to me but Marley boy aka "Ham Sap Fish" was convinced by his daddy that it will be fun..  And so it started..

Dad and the rest of them were getting tired from all the digging.. so i thought i will give them a hand whilst they catch a breather or two. 


Me being the usual cheeky Boxer, I decided to get Marley to check out the depth of the hole.. ngek ngek ngek.. 

And the 2 dads decided to bury Marley whilst he was checking out "the piece of work" .. Huh !! Just when you think your dad can be trusted.. Better think twice now.. 

Marley : Oh no !! I cant move.. Get me outta here !! 

After the little fun with Marley, daddy and I decided to chill out and enjoy the sea breeze.. and don't you all worry, Marley was not harm at all during the "game".. 


hero said...

Haha... the beach is always a fun place... a sand spa treatment for Marley is not too bad.

Licks, hero

MadameMoiselle said...

Ruff Ruff Hero ...

*sniff*sniff* It's been a long time since we last hung out...How have you been? Yes.. the beach is always a fun place.. I really miss everyone..we should go again.. I saw the the big durian you were eating.. so yummy ..