Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Family

So I am not the only child in the family. At least not now.. Not sure what will happen in the future. Mom thought it will be cool if I keep a dairy or journal of my life - people I meet, places I go, things I do and things others do. Basically, anything and everything, if you get what i mean.

 Neway, let me introduce my siblings to you..

                   This is Raisy aka Baby aka B.. the biggest boss in the family..Looks innocent huh?? Word of advise.. Dont be bamboozled by those big round angelic eyes.. She is the reason why the last 3 maids left...hahaha

   She is the eldest amongst the 3 of us.She recently turned 13 but still acts like a 3 y.o puppy. Good for me cuz she is not too old to put up with my silly games..

This is my wacko German brother who thinks he can drive... He is the big guy that keeps the home safe. He has the loudest bark in the neighbourhood. Honestly,we have no idea how old is he .. See, when my grand parents got him, the breeder accidentally (or so they claimed) gave the wrong birth cert to us. So we really have no idea how old is he... Regardless, he is the playmate of mine... I love to pretend that he is a big rabbit... and I will chase him around the house. ehehe

So there you go.. A brief summary on my family.

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