Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Curly Fuzzy...

This long and black peculiar looking thing was crawling my way.. 

I somehow just cant figure out what it is ..   it didn't fear me at all even when I am in my gigantic size and towering over it. (BTW, those blue spots are not mine ...)

Drool.. drool... drool... it surely looks like dessert to me..

Just right before I was about to indulge in this cute little fella, mommy came to the rescue.!She said its not a dessert... It's called a caterpillar which will eventually morph into a beautiful butterfly or an ugly moth.. (haha.. anyone any idea which one will it be?) Mom and I tried to look it up on google.. but so far no luck..  

Just look how fuzzy it is?? Wonder if it is spinning tread.. Can you guys see that white strand of thread.. or may be it's just one of German's hair laying around .. 


1 comment:

Priscilla said...

Ugh gross! You call THAT tasty?