Saturday, April 10, 2010


Time is ticking..

One of the pre- req to enter Singapore is to be microchipped..

Exactly one week ago, mom and dad brought me to the vet with the intention to "UPGRADE" me .. Before we left home, dad keeps telling me that I was gonna transform into some kinda robot after the doctor..

So on the way to the vet, tonnes and tonnes of questions running on my mind ..

  • What are they gonna do to me?
  • Is it gonna hurt?
  • Which part of my body are they gonna torture? 
  • What does it do?
  • How long do I have to stay at that dreadful place? (who likes to go to the docs?? Right??) 
  • Does it make me smarter? That explains why I passed my paper training session in a day and hand shakes in a day too 
  • Does it make me more obedient than I already am? 
  • Does it make me prettier? 
  • Does it make me healtier? 
  • Does it give me bionic eyes? 
  • Does it give me bionic ears? 
  • Or does it do the opposite of everything that I just thought of? 

So when I finally got the Dr. Vet, and was placed on the icy cold freezing table, Dr. Vet certified that I already have a chip since puppy days!  ( and just when I thought I was gonna immediately drop dead on the table..hehe)

Phew.. Close call.... neway, in the end I only ended up with a Rabies vaccination which is also one of the pre-req needed to enter that concrete city.. Which was ok.. cuz it didnt hurt that much..

So now, we are just waiting for the following month for another round of "fun".. Before I am off ..


hero said...

Hi Moiselle,

*sob* All the bags are packed and you're ready to go south, huh... do keep us posted on your new adventures and hope to meet again one day.

Licks, hero

Priscilla said...

Vet visits are always not very nice..

Are you malaysian too?

MadameMoiselle said...

Hi Priscilla

Yes... We are Malaysians.. But will be moving to Singapore soon..