Saturday, April 10, 2010

The loonnng Sunday Outing - Part 2

Next on the itinerary .. Shopping at Pet Safari !! Yay !! Yay!! I love shopping.. Who doesn't right???

                                             Shopping list  :  Harness
                                                                       Cargo Carrier

First purchase !! Dad bought me a new harness so I can walk better... You see, I'm not very good with the collar cuz I tend to pull all the time.. So they figured it's better if they got me a least i wont be choking myself.. 


As I was trying on my collar,this cute little pug dressed in an army costume came along.. The cool part about the costume is that it works as a harness too !! 


Check out the outfit .. Isn't it cool.. Wonder if mom would get me one too..But I'm certain dad is not gonna be too happy with such outfit.. He's pretty outta his mind when he had no choice but to get me a PINK harness.. 


Whilst I was busy checking out late Elmo's buddy, he was busy trying out new beds in the store..             " Which one should I get..   The wooly one or the cottony one.." 


Another puppy came along to join the fun.. We couldn't figure out if he was a cocker or a Goldie.. And the best part was when ... 


OBY.. the other Boxer showed up ( how cool is that ! We don't usually many Boxers around. I was told by the Dr. Vet that we are very rare here).. She wasn't too keen to play as she just spent a rough night at the boarding home. However, my mom had a fantastic chat with Oby's mom as she gave lots of useful tips on relocating me to Singapore.. 

                           .......... And I pretty much passed out in the car after the long eventful day !!

p.s: Oh ! I forgot to mentioned that I got my caaaaargo carrier too ... :)

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