Sunday, August 8, 2010

you know you are ....

I know, I know I've been missing for the longest time.. My secretary has wondered off to a new job recently hence the slow update.. Although she hardly has time for me since she started work, I have to say, I am very happy that she finally got back into the working scene again.. Might not be the dream job she is after, but at least there is something to keep her feet on the ground.. ( She was going insane staying at home the last 1 and a half months)

Have you ever wonder how much we resemble our parents.. or the habits we take after them?? It's really interesting to think about it..

I've always been known to be a timid dog.. my dad blames it on the up bringing.. As a puppy, mom would demonstrate how to freak out whenever there is a lizard nearby, and be far away whenever something foreign is in my way or heading my way..

So anyway, we were out the other day and my hooman caught me freaking out at my own shadow!! Dad had a great laugh and strongly believed that I got that weird habit from mom as she freaks out at the tiniest things.. and not hard to guess at all, she gets all jumpy at her own shadows too.. 

And of course, 
our common interest ..Sleep ! 


Lorenza said...

Hi, Zelle!
Congratulations to your Mom!
Maybe it is not the best of the jobs but sure it is nice that she will be entertained!
You are so right! There are lots of things that make my mom feel scared... and scare me too!
I love your picture with your mom!
Happy Sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Priscilla said...

Welcome back, Zelle and mom!
Glad your mom found a job to keep her busy :)
Have a great week ahead! Hope you don't get too bored at home!!!

Teddy Bear said...

We're so glad your Mom found a job.:) It's ok to be timid.:)

Teddy Bear

hero said...

Like mom, like Zelle... :) glad to hear mom finally got a job but that's not really good news to you, Zelle... less snuggle time, bah! Hey, hope the little skinless patch on your elbow in the pic is nothing serious.

Licks, hero

Lola said...

Hi Zelle,

Congratulations to your Mom and condolences to you on her new job. I love that picture. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of you Mom before. She's so pretty. I guess you take after her there, too, because so are you.

lotsa licks, Lola

Maggie Mae said...


I has missed you soooo much. :) I luvs this picture of you and your mom, both of you is so pretty. Happy for her new job, but sad that she is not able to spend as much time with you now.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae,

road-dog-tales said...

Cute picture! Glad your mom got a job. We love our mom to be home with us, but sometimes we think she needs to get a job in the outside world! She thinks she's one of us now. We're gonna have to put our paw down if she starts eating our food!
The Road Dogs