Monday, August 30, 2010

The bumps

Calling all boxer furiends and all other furiends that has the answer to my problem.. So, I've been getting these bumps on head for awhile now.. I think it's been a month or two now and it's starting to worry mom...

It's nothing very new since I've been getting them since I was 2. They usually start from the body first and then a little on a head and will only stay around for a week. Mom reckons it's almost seasonal. They usually appear once every 4 months...

But now she is getting a little worried as the bumps doesn't look like it's going anywhere and if anything, the number is just multiplying.

So guys, if you know what it is or experienced or experiencing the same thing, we would love love love love love love to hear from you..


Maggie Mae said...

Oh Zelle,

Mom says she has no idea...could be an allergic reaction to something. Has your mom taken you to the V-E-T yet? That might be a good idea. Let us know what happens.

WOofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Avery Jack said...

It could be allergies. Avery has VERY bad allergies and gets these bumps on his skin everywhere too. Not nearly as big or as many as these. The vet told me that unlike humans, when we have allergies then tend to affect our noses, chest, head area. Well with dogs their allergy symptoms show up in their skin, hence the bumps. It could be something else, by no means take my advice over a vet's of course, but it could be a food allergy or an environmental one. I didn't really find out how bad Avery's allergies are until we changed his food and we had some bad reactions. He also has environmental allergies which showed up seasonally as well. I went ahead and got him allergy tested (which can run about $300-$600) to give myself peace of mind and I am thankful for that because now I know what to avoid (21 different things..ahh)..Talk to your vet and see what they recommend. It took several months and several reactions to get me to get him tested but it was well worth breaking the bank for.

So sorry for the long post.

Kimberlee and Avery

Lorenza said...

I have no idea what could be causing the bumps on you.
Kimberlee has a good point. Maybe it is an allergic reaction to something.
Before I was spayed that happened to me and my Vet said it was a hormonal problem. Fixed with the surgery.
I hope you find a solution soon!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Priscilla said...

They look serious, Zelle.
I think you better go to the vet!

Teddy Bear said...

Oh no, Zelle. We hope your bumps get better. Have you eaten anything new lately? I hope the bumps go away so you don't have to go see the Vet.

Teddy Bear

Dougie Declan said...

Mommy helped me do a few little internet searches for you and she read that it could maybe be an allergic reaction to plastic... apparently Boxers can have an allergy to plastic. Do you eat out of a plastic bowl? Maybe your mom could get you a metal bowl if you do... Good luck!

Tiny-Tongue Lickies,

The Heartbeats said...

I am guessing it's an allergy. Boxers are prone to skin allergies. Our dog food has no wheat, no soy and no corn. Usually this covers the food allergies. It doesn't look like demodectic mange or anything like that so that's good.

♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Hi Zelle,

I heard where you won the stuffy from Miss Ruthue. I am so excited for you. I have 2 just like it and they are bunches of fun. Mommy & I came over to say hello and since you said you like to make new friends her I am. I love making new friends too. I live just down the road in Texas from K-Katastrophe and I would love to be your friend too.


Life With Dogs said...

Looks a lot like allergic reactions our dogs have had in the past. I don't think you'll beat this without a vet visit and some medicated shampoo...