Sunday, January 8, 2012

Zelle VS Egg

I get my daily dose of eggs mixed with my kibbles every morning.. Without the shell of course.. So what do I do when the whole egg is presented to me? 

Bite it? 

Try to balance it on my nose? 

Or smell it to see if there is any chic in there? 

Or give it a little loving.. 

Oh dad! Just crack it and give me my food... 

 p.s: Mom is planning to test out my retriever skills.. she wants to know if I am as gentle as the Goldie or a terrier when it comes to picking up eggs.. (hmmm.. this is gonna be fun.. messy fun! )


Lorenza said...

I am not so sure I could be able to retrieve it... but what I know is that having an egg for breakfast is yummilicious!
Good luck and let us know how it goes, ok?
Kisses and hugs

Marianne Pysh said...

I can hardly wait to hear more about you and the egg... I've never presented one of my kids with an egg, I can only imagine. I'm sure Lucy would try to kiss it and Duke would want to eat it!

sprinkles said...

I've never tried to present either one of my boys with an egg. I have a feeling that Shiver would sniff it and turn away while Chico would probably try to eat it.

I'm curious to see what you'll do with one.

Two French Bulldogs said...

did it taste like chicken?
Benny & Lily