Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Party ...

Yay!The day finally came..I'm FINALLY HOME !! HOME SWEET HOME!! 

I have to say it's by far the best present I could possibly ask for.... to be finally home.. 

Before I go on and on about how amazing it is to be home.. let me share the horror part of the story with everyone first.. 

So the story goes..

As the big day came, everyone was excited. Including the "Guardian Angels" of SAQ.. So we expected PetMovers to be at the quarantine on time so we (myself and another poochie) could all go home early to be with our family after serving our one month at the quarantine center.. 

10 A.M came, then 11.30 A.M came and still no sign of the guy from Pet Movers to come get us out.. Mommy was getting worried as I was supposed to be home by 11A.M. Impatiently, she called SAQ to investigate on the story and it turned out at Pet Movers TOTALLY forgot about us ... and that set dad on a crazy turbulent..  They waited til 12 noon before dad made the call and when they called the guy was still at his store doing other stuff..  As imagined, he picked up the phone and *&^%$# at the guy.. 

So after all the scolding, I got home at 1 P.M .. 

Neway, we should have picked up on the bad service way earlier since we noticed that one of the services that they offer; Companionship service- where they go to the SAQ to walk and keep the dog company consist of only 3 minutes of their time each day and it costs over 300 Bucks for the entire service.. Mom can't help but feel sorry for the owners that engage Pet Movers for their crappy companion service.. But of course there are some who beg to differ that 3 minutes is better than nothing... But what people doesn't know is that the assistants at the SAQ spend more than 3 minutes a day walking and playing with all the dogs that are in there.. And they bring the dogs out for short walks every few hours without the extra penny..  So, if anyone is planning to relocate to Singapore, please do not go to Pet Movers for the reasons above and many other reasons which we don't think we should mention. 

Anyway, the happy part !! 

It was amazing just to be home.. You know what is ironic about this whole thing being home? Is that I know precisely which unit is my apartment even without having been in there... Isn't that weird .. I guess it's the trail of mommy and daddy's smell that led me to the front door of our apartment...


 Party hat is on !! ( Unlike Bella, I can't sit still with the hat on.. hence daddy had to hold me *embarrassed*) 

Yummmy Mango Madness cake... 

Yummm .. Yumm.. Yummm
This was the second best part of the party.... 

 And the best part of the party is when I get all my presents !!!! Treats and toys .. 

And of course not forgetting to mention the nice soft bed at the end of the evening.. tugged in between my pawrents... It's simply amazing.. 



Lola said...

Oh, we are so happy for you. Blog Mom is getting all leaky reading about this. Believe it or not, a lot of your friends have been waiting anxiously for this day, too. Not to compare our wait to yours or your humans, of course. But it is so terrible when a family who wants to be together is kept apart. Of course, having done time in rescue myself - and that's not unlike quarantine, I imagine - I can tell you that there's nothing like a stint behind bars to help you appreciate the comforts and joys of home even more than you already did and that's worth something.

Well, if my Mom is leaking I can only imagine what's going on at your place. Those Pet Movers should be totally ashamed of themselves. They sound like more of a scam than a business to me.

wags and happies, Lola

Maggie Mae said...


YAY!!!!!! Home Sweet Home! I am doing the wiggle butt happy dance for all of you! Mom and me is SO happy that's you are finally out of that place and back with your mom and dad where you belongs! What a brave girl you have been for the past month. Nice treats and pressies you gots there too.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Must be a boxer thing about not liking hats... :)

hero said...

I'm so happy for you, Zelle... your nightmare is finally over and now is to catch up on lost time. Happy Homecoming!

pei ess Nowadays, pet services has become to commercialize and totally lost the personal touch... really sucks.

Licks, hero

Priscilla said...

Hi Zelle, we're so happy for you too. Home sweet home at last. The party and those treats are so yummy and how we wish we could be there to share your happiness with you and of course, your treats too : )

Forget those old days in quarantine and start to enjoy your beautiful exciting life with you mom and dad from now on.

Hope you eat well and sleep well too.

By the way, not sure whether your mom has received my email that I sent a couple of days ago.

Baxter said...

YA!!!! So happy to see that your home!
Hopefully you settle quickly!

Benny and Lily said...

Yea we will continue the pawty over here to celebrate! Yippee
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

Hi, Zelle!
I am so happy to know that you are finally at home! Sorry you had to endure all that time there and then some one on the final day!
I know you are enjoying your new place with your mom and dad!
Kisses and hugs