Sunday, May 30, 2010

New grass ..Is it really greener on the other side? - Part 2

Friday came and went slowly.. No visitation was allowed as it was a public holiday.. *Boo* So hopefully Saturday would be a better day .. The centre was pretty busy with hoomans running around .. but I'm just stuck in my little room. 

But guess what happened later in the afternoon? my  DADDY came to visit !!! 

Kisss.. kisss.. kiss.. kissss.. kisss.. i miss my dadddy sooo much!! 

After some nice quality time in the room, we decided to go hang out in the sun a little  .. 


Just look how love can make one glow ?? And it's getting really hot, we should probably chill out in the room again... 


What do you have there for me?? Yay !! Some yummy yummy treats.. But I ended up sniffing and licking it more than actually chewing on it.. Mommy's not too sure what is happening there.. 


It was getting a little chilly in the room so we decided to hang out at the open area in the room .. Hey I can see the other dogs who live opposite me.. Daddy reckons it's crossed with a Collie and a Sheep.. I think he's been watching too much of Full Metal Alchemist with mom..  


Mommy and daddy had to leave a little earlier today as it started to drizzle.. But it's ok.. I was very happy to see them !! BTW, how do you like my sesame street t-shirt?? I confiscated it from mom and now it's mine !! Hopefully the t-shirt will keep me warm .. Thanks for bringing me the extra blanket and Tshirt mommy .. Oh and not forgetting the jumping jack!! 

PeeS : The officer at the centre told mom that I'm not eating .. So I think she is gonna cook me summore nice meal?? * paws crossed* What can I say...that's what you get for leaving me at the quarantine centre for the entire month.. The little princess needs to let of some steam.. 

26 more days to home sweet home!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New grass ..Is it really greener on the other side?

Hi Guys !

So I  finally made it into the new land known as Singapore.. Mom was freaking out when we crossed the border. She was so worried that, for some funny reason, the immigration officer was gonna tell her that I can't pass.

Anyway, I am glad to announce that everything went smoothly according to plan and there was no hiccups at all.. which mom has to solute the government for having such efficient system. We did our clearance in less than an hour ! *4 thumbs up*

It was tough watching mommy and the rest of the family (grannies, Uncle CK) leave at the end of the clearance as they were no longer allow to follow from that point before I was sent to the quarantine station at Sembawang. But it's ok cuz mommy came very soon after to visit me at the centre.

*sniff* sniff*sniff*Let's see if the grass is any different from the one back home?


Oh.. someone is on the other side of the fence.. By the way, they have individual play pens around the centre so each of us can have our little outlet to play..


*knock knock.. who's there?? *


Hello there! I'm Moiselle.. Nice to meet you .. hope to see ya around more often.. Will hang out again later.. 

All in all, the place is very clean and nice.. and mommy is very please with the condition of the centre..and good news is, I am slowly settling in..  

The people that looks after the place here are very nice as they will take us out from our private rooms for a quick walk everyday.. So that is another relief for mommy as she was worried that I will be in the room the entire time when she is not allowed to visit.. (it's a PH tomorrow so I won't get to see mom until  Saturday and I just can't wait til then)

PeeS: Mommy made some really nice dinner for me today but I didn't have the appetite.. Hopefully my big appetite will kick in again really soon.  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The puzzle finally fit

The last week was an horrendous experience for us.. Specially for mom.. Everything was going down slop for her.. 

From the holdup of my permits to Singapore and to the passing of our beloved BabyRaisy.. and everything else.. 

I was scheduled to leave for Singapore last Sunday, but the local agent that was supposed to help with the paperwork suddenly dumped the responsibility back to mom just 2 days before the departure and all she said to mom was " Now is between you and Singapore. I'm not involved anymore" .. Mom had a shock of her life and loss for a second.. Not knowing where to start, she of course went to my Dr. Vet for some guidance.. and we later found out that there were tonnes of paperwork that needs to be prepared for the move !! 

See, just right before the family decide to put Baby to her permanent slumber, the agent called to break the awful, dreadful irresponsible news to mom.. And 1 hour later, mom got a call from my nana saying that they have decided to let BabyRaisy go.. it just set mom straight into an unbearable turmoil. 

Mom was having mixed feelings about leaving on Sunday now.. But by Friday evening, the permit has yet to be received.. Mom was feeling rather relief that it was held up.  

We spent Monday tying all the lose ends for the permits and we finally got everything sorted this afternoon.. We are glad to say, we got all the paperworks needed for the move on Thursday morning! Mom believes that, our beloved BabyRaisy is looking out for us and made sure everything is going smoothly for us.. 

Everything happens for a reason
Nothing happens by chance or by means
of good luck. Illness, injury, love,
lost moments of true greatness and sheer
stupidity all occur to test the limits
of your soul. 
-Author unknown, prose & quote contributed by Les, Listbot member-

p.s: Hero, it was a great pleasure meeting you and your family in person.. we had a great time hanging out at the beach.. Til we meet again, we shall continue to hang out cyberly.. Woofs ~

pp.s: I will make sure mommy keeps working while I serve my 1 month in the dreadful quarantine centre. 

wags and licks,

Monday, May 24, 2010

The final goodbye

We believe for every beginning, there will always be an end .. That's how all tales go.. What goes up, must come down.. Same goes with life.. 

At the age of 13 years and 4 months, BabyRaisy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday morning, 23 May 2010 at 9.30 am. I thought it was going to be the toughest thing to do - to let your beloved one into a permanent slumber.. But life is always full of surprises. It's true when they say, " You will "know" when the time comes." And because it was "time", the moment was easier to bare as we watched her go painlessly and peacefully.  

I have to admit, it was more painful to watched her the last 3 weeks not eating and drinking, than to watch her go into her permanent slumber. 

As Buddhist, we believe that one is not dead, but has taken a different form of life.. So, as much as we miss watching a jolly furball rounding around the house and greeting us by the door when we get home, we know she is still spiritually with us, looking after us and guiding Moiselle onto the right path.. 

We can only say so much thanks to everyone for the all prayers and well wishes. Words can't express how grateful we are to have amazing friends and furriends to help us through this difficult time.. Again, thank you very much ! 

To those that are facing such difficult time, we just want to say, when the "time" comes, be courageous... let go .. 

*pic taken 14 February 2010.. to celebrate her belated 13th Birthday . 

With lots of love
Moiselle and Family 

Friday, May 21, 2010

They are slowly leaving...

I've been  running... running the last 3 months.. running away from the in denial that BabyRaisy and German will have another few good years before they leave.. 

The last 2 months German was living in agony with maggots attack in his right ear then followed by another round of maggots attack on his paws.. For a moment, we thought that was it.. his time has come.. Doctor said he has lived over the average life span of a German Sheppard and his body is slowly failing hence he is exposed to all kinds of ailment. So his body will not recover as quickly as it would.. The doctor recommended that we should consider putting him to sleep to end his misery.. But time and time he proved us wrong.. as day went, he slowly recovered..

My heart skips with excitement every time I see German in high spirits.. "how can anyone put such a dog to sleep when he has not even given up on himself?" I asked myself.. I lived in doubt as I do not know what is the humane thing to do anymore.. 

Weeks has past... he is pretty much back to normal... but once in awhile he slows down again... I choose to ignore and deny the fact that he is in pain.. I see the symptoms. But I do not believe it as he is the toughest soldier I've ever met.. 

But I can no longer lie to myself that things are gonna be ok...the symptoms are every where.. I keep hearing stories about dogs leaving..  everything around me is telling me that the time is near.. I have to let go..

My heart is broken as I watch BabyRaisy frail as the days go by.. She has recently stop eating and drinking and has lost all her desire for everything that she once loved so much..Her sudden tremors frighten me and I can't help but to feel useless as there is nothing I can do but to just look and hold her..  

How many more days do I have before the final good bye..  

posted by Moiselle's mom 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another award...

Weeee... I received another award from have to say this is a very exciting news for mommy and I..

We just want to say thank you and I shall continue to blog more.. 

woof woof 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What animal are you?

Sometimes I think my mom is crazy .. You will know why once you finish reading this post.. and do let me know if you share the same thought as me.. 

Im pretty used to them calling me funny names such as Monkey, Hippo, cone dog and stuff.. but I think it's totally unacceptable when she reckons I look like other animals... at the end of the day i am a DOG .. does she even know how a DOG is supposed to look like?

My Seal look.. Do you see any resemblance? 

and apparently my fruit bat look ...

Mommy reckons I look like a mouse too when both my ears are folded behind.. thankfully she couldn't find any of the pics of me with my ears folded... How embarrassing..
So what do you guys think??? You reckon my mom is a wacko for having crazy imaginations like these?   Does your hoomans think you have a different animal in you too? Do share with me as I woullld love to know toooo and I won't feel so left out by having some crazy mother.. 

An award for me from a dear friend


Thank you so much for the constant motivation rendered. It means so much to my secretary a.k.a my mommy who is constantly trying to get better with updating my site.. and we are so honoured to have met you.. You have been an excellent fuuuriend..We love you Maggie Mae!!
2. Share 7 things about yourself.

1. Was adopted by mom with the condition that she will train and have me compete in shows and agility   as I grow up but that never happened cuz mom was too busy working.. the first 2 years I grew up having things my way all the time until daddy came into the picture and was really strict with it was very difficult for the the first 6 months cuz daddy just wouldn't give in

2. Mom says I learn things very quickly but I also get bored with things very quickly. So they need to come up with new toys and tricks all the time to keep me mentality stimulated. I mastered pottie training in a day and will only randomly set the "traps" around the house to show my frustrations. I also master " left hand " and "right hand" in less than a week .. but I totally fail in walking decently on a leash ..

My very first blogger award from my very dear friend Maggie Mae .. Can't express how thrilled I am to receive such amazing award from you.. I have to say, my heart skips an extra beat each time I read the comments you leave on my blog. 

1. Thank the puppy, kitty or person who gave it to you.

3. I am currently the youngest in the family of 3 and of course the brattiest of all kids.. I always believe that my Sheppard brother is smaller than me and for some funny reason I think he looks like a hamster so I like to chase him around the house and pound on him when I finally corner him..

4. I love my daddy more than anything in the world although I know mommy loves me more.. ( love is never fair right?) 

5. I must have my kibbles soak in soup otherwise the food will be fed to the garbage can.. however, I also find other people's food yummier than mine.. So I tend to eat their food before I finish my own..  ( My granny calls me the DBKL)

6. I love car rides so much that if I do not get enough I will throw a huge tantrum by making a huge mess for mommy to clean every morning before she leaves to work.. ( I know I am being naughty,, but how else am I going to show my frustration ) Mommy always say I am too smart for my own good.. (well too bad for my hoomans !!)

7.I share my bed with mom and dad and I thoroughly enjoy kicking my dad off the bed whenever I have funny dreams.. And I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I have the best pillows in the world - Dad / mom's lap.. 

8. *Bonus answer* I love GREEN

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic: 

I would love to pass the awards to 15 friends but as you can see I dont have many friends because I am still a very fresh rookie in the blogging world.. So I would love to make more new friends as I go along so that  I can share all my lovely awards with all my furrrrriends.. 

2. Hero the Sharpei at In a dog's life! Hero the Shar Pei
5. JB's World at JB's big world

* I will try my very best to fulfill the 15 candidates the next time ..
4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.
Guess it's time to let my friends know about the little surprise I have for them!! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where is tooth fairy?? Or any other fairies??

Mom reckons I have rather tiny teeth.. she even made or at least try to make some comparison with Maggie Mae's teeth through those pictures her mommy posted. To add to the insult, mom also compared my teeth to BabyRaisy, my Shih Tzu sister's teeth.. and my teeth are half the size of hers !!

So it turned out I still have most of my baby teeth.. Guess toothfairy never came.. Or they are probably inexistence.. What do you guys think?  Or maybe I should be looking for some other fairy..May be a dental fairy?


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mobile Bodyguard

Task 1: Navigating mom to the supermarket for some grocery shopping.. "Now you turn left, and then turn right after the second junction" 

Ok.. we are finally in the car park.. So many cars !!Just have to look for a space to stop.. 

Task 2 : Guard the car while mom gone shopping. I wonder if she is getting me any treats.. Ok! Concentrate.. Look fierce.. 

Where is that woman?? It's over 30 minutes and she is still not back yet.. Oh I see her walking this way now.. finally!!! 

And off we go HOME !! Navigation resume.. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sigh ...


  • I don't even know where to begin
  • not getting enough exercise 
  • dad has been away since Saturday..and I wont be seeing him until the following month when I am finally out from quarantine in Singapore
  • didn't get to celebrate mother's day with mom as she had to follow daddy to Singapore over to weekend to set up our new home.. 
  • my Nana came to stay.. that means I won't be getting any fun
  • I'm not sleeping well cuz daddy is not around to snuggle up to me 
  • sigh... I just want to cry.. 
"Overall, I am just not a very happy puppy now !!" 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gone bad breath gone...

Not sure about you guys .. but I have been having problem keeping my breath fresh and clean these days. As a result, my mom is quite reluctant to give me kisses and vise versa .. :(  

So we decided to give Greenies a try again. The last time I had them, it didn't do me any good. I had to run to the toilet for 2 days.. But later found out that I could have been too young to have it..You need to be over 6 months old to have it.. and I can't remember how old was I when I have my first Greenies ..

We also got a Jumping Jack from Kong which is so nice to chew on.. It has a funny feeling when you chew on it and it bounces wildly when toss in the air.. not like any other balls, you can't predict where it will roll to when it lands on the ground. Strongly recommended.. The best part is, it helps to clean and prevent your teeth from tartar build up.. 

It's been 3 long days and my breath stays fresh while I enjoy my little chewing session !! I think every pet deserves a KONG  and Greenies !!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Fun

Mom and dad were away for a few days last week for a very important function. Unfortunately, I couldn't go with them cuz the place DIDN'T ALLOW pets..  Boo .. Boo.. Boo... (honestly, didn't make much sense to me cuz mom was telling me about the animals that live at the island..I could have made some new friends, ya know?)

Anyway, they decided to make it up to my by buying me lots of toys today ... i love it when the spoil me rotten ..

Woow... what are those round shiny things in the sky ?? 

 Oh no.. it's touching my face !!!

Can I eat them? Are they yummy?? 

This is so coool !! So so so so many bubbles in my face .. It feels kinda nice when it pops when they land on my whiskers .. 

*Muakz* .. I love you bubble..

Am I imagining stuff or are those really double helix? 

Ah Hah !! Finally finally Gotcha !! They are so yummmy.. believe it or not, they actually taste like peanut butter.. 

German just watched on whilst we insanely jumped around and solving the bubble puzzles in the air... 

It's impossible for me to lie if i said I didn't have fun.. My silly face tells it all !! 

Just one last note for my folks " Well worth money spent and hence you are all forgiven for leaving with the nanny for the last few days.. "

Woof.. Woof.. Woof..