Sunday, January 15, 2012

My days are numbered..

What a pretty weekend..Blue sky complement with cool breeze.. 

And we started the weekend with the visit to Dr. VET.. 

Huh?? Annual booster?? Nope can't feel anything..

Second, Rabies jab.. : Huh!! I don'need a rabies Jab..Oooucchh " 

After all the ouchies and a nice long sunny walk home..the best thing to do is to unwind by the pool .. 

A few drops of water to keep the temperature down.. 

and some beer.. 

and more beer... (note from mom: it's only a teaser.. she didn't have any beer)

And I can only say it's been a brilliant day..If only this can be a daily ritual.. 

Some may already know, I'm counting down my days in Singapore cuz I will be moving back to my mother land this coming Thursday, 19 January 2012. And I just cannot wait to go back to a place with proper space and cousins to play with.. 

Don't get me wrong Singapore.. I love you.. but not as much as I love countries that has more space to run around.. 

P.S: I feel like Moiselle knows that she is moving back to Malaysia and there has been a massive positive change of mood with the girl. She has been very happy and extremely playful since we told her that we will be sending her home first. Sometimes I wonder if she can really understand what we tell her.. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Zelle VS Egg

I get my daily dose of eggs mixed with my kibbles every morning.. Without the shell of course.. So what do I do when the whole egg is presented to me? 

Bite it? 

Try to balance it on my nose? 

Or smell it to see if there is any chic in there? 

Or give it a little loving.. 

Oh dad! Just crack it and give me my food... 

 p.s: Mom is planning to test out my retriever skills.. she wants to know if I am as gentle as the Goldie or a terrier when it comes to picking up eggs.. (hmmm.. this is gonna be fun.. messy fun! )