Tuesday, June 29, 2010


While i was away serving my 1 month at the "6-star pet hotel"... Not just was she busy visiting me every afternoon, mom was also busy making things until the wee hours for my amazing friends that has continuously supported me.. Again, I would like to thank everyone for their continuous supports and words of encouragements during the 1 month period.. I can't begin to express how much it means to us..

Introducing the Superstars !!! This is specially hand sewn by mom for my best furiendss !!

for the beautiful ladies out there...

For all the handsome, good looking boys out there...

the 3 doggieteers...

Just slip it up your collars.. No worries.. mommy got all it figured out.. She fixed a velcro at the back so you can adjust the size to fit your collar..

I wear mine on my harness.. 

What a coincident that, it matches the colour of my harness too..


This has been my new best friend since i got out ...

PeeeS : That's what happens when you are stuck in a"6-star hotel" for 30 days with the A/C blasting at you 24/7..

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome Party ...

Yay!The day finally came..I'm FINALLY HOME !! HOME SWEET HOME!! 

I have to say it's by far the best present I could possibly ask for.... to be finally home.. 

Before I go on and on about how amazing it is to be home.. let me share the horror part of the story with everyone first.. 

So the story goes..

As the big day came, everyone was excited. Including the "Guardian Angels" of SAQ.. So we expected PetMovers to be at the quarantine on time so we (myself and another poochie) could all go home early to be with our family after serving our one month at the quarantine center.. 

10 A.M came, then 11.30 A.M came and still no sign of the guy from Pet Movers to come get us out.. Mommy was getting worried as I was supposed to be home by 11A.M. Impatiently, she called SAQ to investigate on the story and it turned out at Pet Movers TOTALLY forgot about us ... and that set dad on a crazy turbulent..  They waited til 12 noon before dad made the call and when they called the guy was still at his store doing other stuff..  As imagined, he picked up the phone and *&^%$# at the guy.. 

So after all the scolding, I got home at 1 P.M .. 

Neway, we should have picked up on the bad service way earlier since we noticed that one of the services that they offer; Companionship service- where they go to the SAQ to walk and keep the dog company consist of only 3 minutes of their time each day and it costs over 300 Bucks for the entire service.. Mom can't help but feel sorry for the owners that engage Pet Movers for their crappy companion service.. But of course there are some who beg to differ that 3 minutes is better than nothing... But what people doesn't know is that the assistants at the SAQ spend more than 3 minutes a day walking and playing with all the dogs that are in there.. And they bring the dogs out for short walks every few hours without the extra penny..  So, if anyone is planning to relocate to Singapore, please do not go to Pet Movers for the reasons above and many other reasons which we don't think we should mention. 

Anyway, the happy part !! 

It was amazing just to be home.. You know what is ironic about this whole thing being home? Is that I know precisely which unit is my apartment even without having been in there... Isn't that weird .. I guess it's the trail of mommy and daddy's smell that led me to the front door of our apartment...


 Party hat is on !! ( Unlike Bella, I can't sit still with the hat on.. hence daddy had to hold me *embarrassed*) 

Yummmy Mango Madness cake... 

Yummm .. Yumm.. Yummm
This was the second best part of the party.... 

 And the best part of the party is when I get all my presents !!!! Treats and toys .. 

And of course not forgetting to mention the nice soft bed at the end of the evening.. tugged in between my pawrents... It's simply amazing.. 


Friday, June 25, 2010

Their daily WALKS..

This post is totally not related to me.. but I thought I should share it with everyone cuz i think they are absolutely.... 


their daily walks consist of being pushed in the pram..

Or hanging at the front of the human...

Mom was wondering if the puppies would prefer to walk and run on their own or being carried and push around.. 

p.s: our sincere apologies if this post offended anyone who walks their pets in the pram.. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Treats my way..

My folks have been very excited as the day of release approaches.. How would I know right? Since I am still stuck in the "6 star pet hotel".. Well, for the most obvious reason is that my secretary a.k.a my mom has been telling me excited she is to have me back home and she went on and on about some surprises awaiting for me.. and she just can't wait for Saturday the 26 June 2010.. 
One of the surprises that they have for me is ...... 

Mc'Donalds cheeseburger's new packaging to me.. Yummmmy...

Twelve Macarons? Did Mc'Donalds recently rebranded? 

Colourful mini burgers ... 

I guess i got fooled !! Those colourful things are not burger, they are macarons... and that means I wont be getting any of it cuz it's full of sugar. 
But I'm sure mommy will let me have a taste of each colour since they are of different taste.. Just hope I don't get all hyper at the end of the tasting session..

By the way, it was my dad's idea to bring this fake burgers home... clearly he is up to something evil..

On the way...

So the usual walk to visit me at the SAQ was the same old way.. But.. the only difference was, it was pouring cats and dogs 5 minutes before mommy had to walk through the park to get to me.. So, this is what she saw on the way .. which we thought was rather interesting at the same time, sending all our hair standing just looking all those crawlies.. 

Can you guys guess what the clusters are?? 

Those are thousands of red ants congregating. Not sure if they were trying to keep each other dry and warm due to the pour.. Anyway, we thought it was an unusual behaviour.. 

2 more days to go and I'm at home sweet home !!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dropped out..

Not sure if i mentioned, I was once rolled into agility classes but dropped outta class pretty much after 4 classes cuz I reckon I am too GOOD for agility classes... Despite how good I was at class.. it was a different story all together. I was getting bored going up the same bridge, going into the same tunnel, and jumping over the same pole again.. Tell me, what kinda excited am I supposed to get if you are asked to do it a million times, over and over again! 

My first day at school.. Daddy and I were checking out the rest of the students.. 


Task 1 : Jump over the pole.. Ok.. That's easy peasy.. 


Task 2: No sweat .. Jump over those white hurdle thingy.. 


Task 3: You want me to jump over the pole then go through that black and red thing?? What are the hoomans up to now? 

No !No ! Im not going in there..Im scared of the dark.. ( just look how supportive those hoomans are trying to shove me into the tunnel) 


Ok.. I made it through the first round with the help of the hoomans... Next round, Im on my own.. Look how excited I am in the picture.. 


Wow !! This is some really long tunnel.. Like never ending !! Wait!! I think i see my dad at the end of the tunnel ... 

Ta !! Da !! I'm out alive !! and it's actually pretty fun!! Ok.. gonna call it a day.. the sun is out.. 

Water !! Water !! Water !!! 


Guess who I saw, whilst I was chilling under the tree??

Is that you, Hero ?? 

So those were my days at agility classs. Glad to know Eva is totally enjoying all the hurdles.. Dad and mom pretty much gave up after the 4th class as they figured they are only wasting their Sundays away if I continue to be a brat.. Cuz most of the Sundays when we were there, it was usually scorching hot even at 9am and I don't play very well under the hot weather... Wonder what happened to those cool breezy Sunday mornings? 

Ganbatei Princess Eva !! Make us all proud with your OB and Agility class.. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Super model day

Bella the Westie invited us to join her little hat party.. So mom thought it would be a great opportunity to catch some nice pictures of me in a hat !!! hahaha !! Really, what was she thinking?? she must be outta her mind again ( like always ..) Anyway, regardless the outcome we had a fantastic time during the photoshoot session.. 

Ok.. Ok.. before the paparazzi go exaggerating on the story.. hear it from me first.. Yes.. I got a little excited and I jumped on the photographer.. I'm glad to say, no one was injured.. (I promise,, it was only a friendly jump)  

 To prove that I was not being nasty, look at my angelic face.. how could I possibly hurt a single thing.. 

Now the Bollywood style.. Rolling on grass pose.. Take One !!

Bollywood style pose, Take Two !! 


Now the athletic pose !! Take One ! Growl .. Growl .. Growl.. 


Look at the camera missy.. Can we have some eye contact please.. 


Looking sexy there.. 


Now, give me that cute innocent little lamb face of yours... Excellent !!


Ok.. I'm getting really hot and bored with the outdoor shoot.. let's move to somewhere cooler 


The sultry look !!


And Finally something on my head !! Well, kinda .. A muffler around my neck with an extra to make a head piece?? ( Bella does that count as a hat/cap or anything??) 


Last but not least, I wanna show you my sumo look too !!!