Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Great Escape...

Family outing is always the best.. (or rather as long as I get out of the house is the best)

We went on a beach trip recently with a few other friends to celebrate  mom's big 3-0.. Besides the big celebration, mom has been dying to try out the life vest she bought for me since last December whilst she was in Hong Kong..  

ahhh!! finally some fresh air.. and the smell of the sea is so refreshing.. 

And this is when disaster begins.. just look at the expression on my face... 

Daddy, why does mom keep calling me like a crazy woman? 

Mom said " Let's introduce Zelle to the sea.." 

Attempt 1... Mom is trying to convince me that water is fun by gently guiding me into the water.

Attempt 2 : Mom said the wave will be gentle on me if i sit, so she forced me to sit in the water with her! (crazy woman) 

Attempt 3 : The crew came to bring me further into the water... and no way Im gonna go in further.. 

Attempt 4: Human's plan failed (whatever the plan was).. I prayed hard for the wave to come save me and my prayer was answered.. Watched my mom tumbled in the water like sea cucumber whilst I quickly swam to safety..  

Nice try guys... too bad you can't get me... 
What does your folks do to get you into the water?  


Thursday, June 7, 2012

A new and bigger shutter beast

This time is daddy.. He got himself another shutter bug...And it's been in my face since... 

Even when I zzZZzzz.....

When I am out and about... 

Now.. can I just have some privacy please daddy... (I believe this will never end... )

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The hills we come...

  Last weekend we decided to do something different.. Instead of the usual city tour.. We decided to go up the hills for some dose of fresh air. It is definitely something I have not done in my 5.5 years but it has been a while for my folks..


Look at those thick clouds.. I'm in cloud 9!!! Weeeeeee....

Look at those pretty dandelions... They are such rare sighting in the city now..

 And I saw many little cars moving in the air and the screaming... Boy, it's a clear indication that I should get out of there as soon as possible before they crash into me.

Off we go to the sacred place where we hear only the beautiful sound of mother nature.. And occasionally a Ferrari speeding up the hill

Mommy say if I pray harder, I might get some treats.. Let's hope my prayers are answered when we get home..
I also pray that there will more awesome outing like this than the usual city tour..

*paws crossed*